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Reverend Dr. Shawn M. Malloy
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Well last night was a cold one but I am grateful for what I have decided I need to do. I feel this is what God wants because I need to learn to give Him 100% of everything. This is something that will help me keep my faith in Him. I mean not just part time faith but full faith. Most people have part time faith. It is easy to have faith and believe in Him when we already have what we feel we need. Notice I say ‘what WE feel WE need.’ That right there is important because most people think its ok to just have that much faith. Well I am learning that that is the WRONG way to think.


When things are at its darkest is when we need to keep HIM in our sights, hearts, souls, and minds. I truly feel that it is something that people are missing. I had done some reading from a book called “Not a fan.” It is a wonderful book that says that most people including myself are just fans. What is a fan? It is someone who follows something with eagerness when things are going good. (Keep in mind this is just my thoughts…LOL). So are you a fan of Jesus or are you not a fan. There is a big different meaning between being a fan and being a full believer. A true believer is not a fan. Because they are there in their faith and living life as our good Lord wants to us to live.


Being a true believer does not make us perfect but we are perfect in His eyes and that is what is important. We are this way because of what Jesus did for us and washing our sins away through His BLOOD. God did not have to send His Son. He didn’t do it to develop fans or get a bigger fan base. God did it this way to show us His love and to have us connect with Him the way we were originally made to.


Why do we question our faith? Well there are many reasons but I feel the biggest reason is because we have things go wrong in our lives. We have failures in our lives or we lose things, friends, loved ones, jobs, homes etc… Or we feel we have lost control of our own lives.


Well, let me tell you something. Were really meant to be in total control of our lives? I believe not. He allows certain control but not all control because He wants us to rely on Him also. He wants us to look to Him as a child looks to their parents. Sometimes we need a reminder on whose life we really belong to. It is not the fleshly life at all. We belong to God and that is where our eyes need to be.



Reverend Dr. Shawn M. Malloy D.D.

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